Blueberry Rosemary Raspberry Gelee Birthday Cake

This is a super delated post from Xinyu's birthday. No, we have not abandoned our tradition of baking each other a birthday cake with the ingredient chosen by the birthday girl/boy. Xinyu requested for "berries" this year. Strawberries are not in season, and having one single type of berry might be too boring. Hence, despite me carrying a bump, I decided to go with a birthday cake with blueberries and raspberries. Thinking that the combi might still not be interesting enough, I decided to make a cake with not one, not two, but FOUR components, with flavour components that might not be so expected in a dessert (read: rosemary). I think the cake came out quite nicely, though the cake was not baked to my usual standard sadly. The blueberry rosemary mousse was quite interesting, which Xinyu enjoyed. The shortbread base was a bit too salty for the cake in general, hence do cut down the salt level next time (I only realised that the recipe I used was for "SALT butter shortcake" when writing this article). All in all, good tasting and great looking cake for a first try! :)

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