About Us

We're Ai Qi and Xinyu, two people who like to cook and like to eat. To us, food is many things: it is about nourishment and satiety, but it is also about culture, sensuality and life itself. You can find us noshing away in a Singaporean hawker centre, or indulging in a fine French restaurant; and perhaps approaching an unknown dish in an unknown land with a mix of trepidation and excitement. And with each meal, we bring back new ideas and new flavours, and try them out in our kitchen at home.

Old Garlic is a chronicle of our adventures in cooking and baking. We cook often, and whenever we make something interesting, we'll document it and put it up, along with a recipe. Often our cooking is quite improvisational and off-the-cuff, so you'll notice that many of the recipes don't have measurements. Instead, we might just indicate the main flavours of the dish, and leave it to you to interpret it accordingly.

We hope you'll enjoy our kitchen stories, and maybe try your hand at a dish or two. Have fun, and good eating!

- Ai Qi and Xinyu