Stuffed Tomatoes

by Xinyu on 29th Nov, 2012

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chinese stuffed tomato

We bought a punnet of roma tomatoes last week for brunch, but ended up not using them. So we decided to finish them up today, and to try something new we made stuffed tomatoes. Roma tomatoes aren't ideal for stuffing because they aren't that big, and are also the wrong shape; we had to balance them on the top end instead of on the base. They were still good though! For the stuffing we used shiitake mushrooms and minced beef, with Chinese-style seasonings. Definitely not traditional, but tasty nontheless.

Stuffed Tomatoes

tomatoes , minced beef , fresh shiitake mushrooms , spring onions , five spice powder , oyster sauce , light soy sauce , salt , pepper
minced beef
['minced beef']
fresh shiitake mushrooms
['fresh shiitake mushrooms']
spring onions
['spring onions']
five spice powder
['five spice powder']
oyster sauce
['oyster sauce']
light soy sauce
['light soy sauce']
Marinate minced beef with oyster sauce, light soy sauce, pepper and five spice powder.

Chop spring onions finely, separating the white from the green. Remove stems from shiitake mushrooms (you can keep them for some other use), and dice.

Heat up a wok, add some oil, and fry the white spring onions. Add the mushrooms, and fry for a bit till mushrooms brown slightly. Add a dollop or two of oyster sauce on top of the mushrooms, and then add some hot water. Stir fry immediately, letting the mushrooms absorb the oyster sauce/water mixture.

Once the mushrooms have absorbed most of the liquid, add a bit more oil, then add the minced beef. Stir-fry quickly, mixing the beef and the mushrooms, and remove from heat once the meat just turns brown; its ok if some parts are still pink since its going to go in the oven after this. Put minced meat and mushroom stuffing into a bowl and add the green spring onions.

For each tomato to be stuffed, cut a bit off the top, and then hollow out the tomato above the bowl of stuffing, letting the tomato juices flow into the bowl. You can add the softer bits of tomato pulp into the bowl directly; for the firmer parts, put aside, and then chop finely before adding to the bowl of stuffing.

Mix the stuffing to integrate the tomato pulp and juices, and then taste. Add some salt if its not salty enough; remember it needs to be fairly salty since the tomato its going into won't be seasoned.

Stuff the tomatoes. Make sure you add some of the juices in the bowl to each tomato; there's a lot of flavour in there. If there's leftover stuffing, you can just quickly stir-fry it and eat it as it is.

Place the top of each tomato back on to cover the stuffing. Put all the tomatoes onto a pan, and then drizzle some oil on top of them. Put into an oven at high heat (~200°C) and roast till tomatoes are soft. Serve immediately.
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