Chua Bee Hoon

by Ai Qi on 08th Mar, 2012

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Ai Qi
vermicelli bee hoon

I cook this quite often when I was studying in CMU, as it reminds me of home (my dad sometimes buys Bee Hoon on Sunday mornings for the family's breakfast). It's a hit with some of my friends, and they termed this "Char (Fried) Bee Hoon" as "Chua Bee Hoon" in honor of the chef, that's me! Craving for some fried bee hoon one Saturday morning, I decided to revive Chua Bee Hoon.

Chua Bee Hoon

Carrot , cabbage , dried mushrooms , lap cheong , garlic , eggs , chilli , cilantro , vermicelli (aka Bee Hoon) , chicken stock , dark soy sauce , oyster sauce , Shao Xing wine , white pepper
dried mushrooms
['dried mushrooms']
lap cheong
['lap cheong']
vermicelli (aka Bee Hoon)
chicken stock
['chicken stock']
dark soy sauce
['dark soy sauce']
oyster sauce
['oyster sauce']
Shao Xing wine
['shao xing wine']
white pepper
['white pepper']
Shred carrot and cabbage. Slice dried mushrooms (after soaking in hot water to soften), lap cheong and chilli. Chop garlic and cilantro.

Beat the eggs and fry. Cut into strips. Set aside.

Fry lap cheong. Set aside, leaving the oil behind. Fry garlic, carrot, cabbage and dried mushroom.

Add chicken stock (half of prepared amount) and simmer. The purpose of this is to cook and soften the cabbage. Do not over-cook the carrots though.

Add vermicelli. Add remaining chicken stock, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, Shao Xing wine and pepper to taste. Add more water to the vermecilli if it gets too dry.

Add lap cheong and eggs. Garnish with chilli and cilantro. Serve.
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