Spicy Chicken Bulgogi

by Xinyu on 22nd Feb, 2011

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I decided to try my hand at cooking some Korean food. I've made bulgogi before, but this time round I wanted to make the bulgogi marinade from scratch. We cooked this more than a month ago, but I've been lazy to add it to the blog, so the recipe is mostly from imperfect memory; YMMV.

Bulgogi marinade

ginger , garlic , yellow onion , spring onion , red chilli , light soy sauce , rice wine , sesame oil , brown sugar , Asian pear (cubed) , gochu-jang (Korean spicy bean paste)
yellow onion
['yellow onion']
spring onion
['spring onion']
red chilli
['red chilli']
light soy sauce
['light soy sauce']
rice wine
['rice wine']
sesame oil
['sesame oil']
brown sugar
['brown sugar']
Asian pear (cubed)
['asian pear']
gochu-jang (Korean spicy bean paste)

Fry chopped ginger, garlic, yellow onion, spring onion, chilli and pear in a saucepan till slightly caramelized. Add light soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, brown sugar and spicy bean paste and let simmer for a while. Remove from heat, leave to cool slightly, and then puree in a food processor. [I remember having a more complicated series of steps, but I can't recall what exactly they were. This should be sufficient.]

Spicy Chicken Bulgogi

chicken thighs , spring onions , bulgogi marinade , sesame seeds
chicken thighs
['chicken thighs']
spring onions
['spring onions']
bulgogi marinade
['bulgogi marinade']
sesame seeds
['sesame seeds']

De-bone the chicken thighs before putting into the freezer till the thighs freeze solid. Take the frozen thighs and slice into thin pieces (freezing makes it easier to slice thinly). Marinade using bulgogi marinade, and leave overnight.

Toast sesame seeds in oven for a short while, making sure not to burn them.

Heat up a frying pan (or griddle), oil slightly, and then sear the chicken by spreading pieces thinly over the pan. Make sure the meat gets a nice seared surface; don't stir-fry it. Add a bit more marinade to taste.

When done, toss in chopped spring onions before plating. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top of the meat.

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