Chinese Braised Beef Short Ribs

by Xinyu on 30th Dec, 2010

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beef chinese braised asian short ribs

I had a piece of bone-in short rib left over from when I was cooking beef stew a while ago, so I decided to try something similar but slightly different. Generally I find cooking beef in a Chinese style somewhat challenging, because not many local Chinese dishes make use of beef. In this case, I based the recipe loosely on a recipe for Taiwanese beef noodle soup.

Chinese Braised Beef Short Ribs

beef bone-in short ribs , garlic , ginger , light soy sauce , shaoxing wine , black pepper , five spice powder , parsley
beef bone-in short ribs
['beef bone-in short ribs']
light soy sauce
['light soy sauce']
shaoxing wine
['shaoxing wine']
black pepper
['black pepper']
five spice powder
['five spice powder']

Fry chopped garlic and ginger in a pan with oil till golden, and set aside. Sear short ribs in same pan and set aside. Deglaze pan with light soy sauce, shaoxing wine and some water. Add the garlic and ginger, ground black pepper, five spice powder, and set to simmer for a while.

Make a well-sealed pouch out of aluminum foil and place the short ribs in the pouch. Pour contents of pan into the pouch, making sure no liquid escapes. Seal the pouch fully. Place pouch onto a baking tray, and then place into oven at 200C for around 2 hours, till meat is soft.

Take short ribs out of pouch while pouring the liquid within into a pot. If any juices flowed out and are on the baking tray, add a bit of hot water to the baking tray to deglaze, and then add that to the pot as well. Remove the bone from the ribs, and cut the meat into chunks. Add the meat into the pot, and simmer on stove, letting liquid reduce slightly and heighten in flavour.

Serve meat with some of the liquid, and garnish with parsley.

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