Old Garlic Returns

by Xinyu on 28th Sep, 2013

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We're back, with a fresh site and a fresh look! Getting everything setup for our relaunch took a lot longer than expected, but we're finally ready to start publishing articles and recipes again.

With the new Old Garlic, we're also trying some new ideas as well. We have a twitter account (@oldgarlic) where we'll post photos of stuff we cook while they're still hot out of the oven and on our dining table. The twitter feed will also consist of micro-recipes for each pictured dish; not really detailed enough to recreate the dish, but perhaps sufficient to act as a form of inspiration.

Unlike our format last year where we posted one recipe every week, this time round we'll be posting articles less often, but each article will be longer (and with more pictures!) We might also break from the one recipe per article format and occasionally post articles with several basic recipes, or maybe articles discussing some other aspect of cooking without any specific recipe to accompany it.

We're excited to get going with this, and glad you guys are accompanying us. Happy cooking, and happy eating!

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