OGTG: First Time Garlic

by Xinyu on 17th Nov, 2013

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The menu for our first ever Old Garlic To-Go event is out, and registration is open too! Have a look at the menu below, and register by leaving a comment below. Remember, there are only 15 orders so you'll have to act fast!

OGTG: First Time Garlic

Date: 23rd November 2013 (Saturday)
Collection time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
No. of orders available: 15


Crispy pork belly and watermelon salad

Braised beef shank with garlic mashed potatoes

Banana chocolate trifle
8 + 2*

3-course meal for $28

* $2 for serving jar, refundable upon return of jar

Takeaway Packaging

Since this is a to-go event, you'll need to bring your own containers to store the food. We heavily encourage you to use reusable containers, and reserve the right to refuse to serve you if you bring disposable plates :P. Details of what you need to bring will be sent to you closer to the date, after you've successfully registered.


To register for the event, leave a comment below. Only comments left on this page will be successful registrations; leaving comments on our Facebook shares don't count!

Each person can make at most two orders. Please state in your comment how many orders you wish to make.


A short FAQ below:

Will the food be packaged for takeaway?
As Old Garlic believes in caring for the environment, we encourage all our diners to bring along a container when collecting their meals. If you want, we can help you purchase Lock & Lock containers, which you can pay the cost price for and keep.

How many orders can I make?
An order consists of a meal for a single person, anything from the full three-course meal to just the dessert. To be fair, each person can make at most two orders.

What if I'm not planning to bring my dinner home?
Several options are available. You could enjoy the food at the void deck below our flat, or perhaps at the nearby Bishan Park. We'll also make our dining area available, but it'll be first come first serve and with no service provided.

Where do we collect the food from?
You can collect it from our home, which is in Bishan. The exact address will be provided to you at a later date if you've made an order.

I have dietary restrictions. Can you let me know more about the food?
As far as major dietary restrictions go, the appetizer has pork, and the main course has beef. We suggest you contact us directly if you have more specific restrictions and need more information.

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