A Year of Food

by Xinyu on 12th Jan, 2013

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Last year, we made a resolution to post one new recipe up on Old Garlic every week. One year later to the date, and we've put up exactly 51 recipes and kept our promise! (Minus 2 weeks we went on vacation of course.)

So what's in store for Old Garlic this new year? We're thinking of changing the format of our blog a bit... perhaps with more real-time micro-updates via Facebook or Twitter, and a photostream showing you the food we cook just as we are going to eat it. Another idea is a series of "basics" posts, each of which covering a few foundational recipes for stuff like stocks and sauces.

As it so happens, we're also about to go on vacation for the next two weeks; so we're going to use this time off to think about what the new Old Garlic will be like, and a bit of time when we get back to implement our ideas. So, Old Garlic is going to be hibernating from now till Chinese New Year (10th Feb). It's been great having you guys with us through 2012... let's meet again in the Year of the Snake!

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